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Let’s pretend it’s not summer. Let pretend it’s not July and spend 23 hours a day in air conditioning. Let’s go from an air conditioned house to and air conditioned car to an air conditioned office back to the car and then back home. And having spent maybe 10 minutes in outside summer air complain about how hot it is.

Let’s pretend our air conditioning units don’t toss more hot air out in the hot air and then let’s use our clothes dryers to spew more heat out through the vent on the side of the house.

I’m up to here, puts hand at neck, with people complaining about the heat.

I’m tired of the local teevee weatherman or weatherman telling me how miserable I should feel because it’s hot and humid.

I like the heat. I love July.

Hot non air conditioned days remind me of being a kid when everything I wanted was free and so was I.

Maybe that’s the real reason I dislike air conditioning.