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V- Something Day with No Parade

First of all, I know I’ve been away for a while but why can’t I get a proper font size for my title?

In any case, the worst seems to be over for many us. The rest of the world is hosed until I don’t know when this virus burns itself out or we get shots in 5 billion more arms.

So we pat ourselves on the back and start dipping our toes back into society saying maybe all the grief and pain, not to mention all the deaths while not worth it were sorta necessary – I don’t know and those who fought shutdowns and masks and vaccines say why did we need shutdowns and masks and vaccines anyway because in the end it doesn’t really seem to have mattered.

It does to those who lost someone.

So there was no clock to run out, no 4th quarter game clock to expire, no cheering we’re number one, no V-E Parade, no V-J day, no V- over virus celebration. It ends, if you choose to believe it’s ending with a slow fade to grey, no even black over which the credits would roll.

No trophy, no awards, no cash prizes although if I knew someone was offering me a million bucks to get vaccinated I would have held out. Nope, not for a second.

All we had to do was be smart and not be stupid which apparently was a tall order for some people.

I don’t feel like cheering. I don’t feel like celebrating and i don’t feel like throwing a party because it’s not over. sometimes I don’t feel like anything.

That’s what I would like to get back to…feeling something, anything.

Cue Stephen Sondheim – ” Being Alive.”

Still, I don’t think a parade is warranted or needed. Just a quiet, sigh, a thank you and let’s move on if we ever can really move on.