I figured that out a while back when I was ( as we all are at one time) squeezed by work, lack of work, families, money, lack of money and so on and so on.

It’s not that I know that much about fishing.  I went fishing with my son’s Cub Scout Pack and I was hooked !

So I bought a Pennsylvania state fishing license and pinned it to the back of my fishing hat so I could be a legal Pennsylvania state sportsman.

The largest fish I ever caught was about 6 inches long and after unhooking the fish I tossed him back.  I caught it at Speedwell Forge Lake which sadly is no longer a lake.  It was drained because the earthen dam that held it in check was weakening and so someone decided that the lake had to go before the dam went and took the houses downstream with it.  I don’t believe that the inhabitants of the lake had a say in the matter although I understand they were re-located to another lake.  Location, location, location.

After the next big rainstorm the lake started to become a lake again because that is what lakes do. The authorities once again made it not a lake.   Maybe when no one is looking it will decide to be a lake again.

One time someone who does not understand fishing asked me ” Do you mean that you pay real money for a fishing license so you can catch crappy little fish that you throw back?”  My answer immediately was yes to the person who posed the question and does not understand fishing.

My daughter used to fish with me and her preferred method was to not have me bait the hook thereby sparing the life of a worm and the possibility that she might actually catch something.  It was a perfect example of fishing.  She got it.

Fishing is sitting by a lake on a summer afternoon, watching the clouds roll by and waiting for something to happen under the water that you can’t even see.

That’s all for now folks.