I heard an ad on the radio a while back for the above mentioned business.  It got me to thinking.

Was the beef factory seconds as most outlet items are? ?  As far as I know jerky is pretty far down the chain of parts of beef that are edible so anything that is not fit to be sold to the public the first time in it’s original condition must be be in a pretty grim state which is what beef jerky is anyway.

So, if you think I’m making this up take a look at this:


You’ll note that one of the selling points for beef jerky, outlet or otherwise is it’s long shelf life.  Rivaled only by Twinkies or Strontium 90 I suspect.

While I watched the video I noticed the beef jerky man wearing a t shirt with the letters P E T A which as I later learned in the video means ” People Eating Tasty Animals.”      Of course it does.

And if any of you makes a million dollars with your own Beef Jerky franchise remember you heard it hear first.