Since I have neglected writing, posting and blogging for almost full year I need to compose a new about.  Here goes…

I can’t stand my phone or this laptop anymore.  All I read is crazy news about crazy people who somehow are in charge and that makes me crazy.

Mostly, I  just want to drive west.  The car’s radio is busted.  How can this happen in this the 20th, 21st, whatever century we’re in.

When I complained to the service guy about the no longer working radio he said something like … Well, things go bad you know.  This was his attempt at shirking any and all responsibility for fixing the radio.

I took the car to a car stereo joint.  They told me to find a radio online or in a junkyard, buy it, have it shipped to my home address, bring it to them and then they would install it.  This is not customer service as I know/knew it.  Do I want a radio from a car that’s been involved in  wreck in my dashboard.  No and neither do you.

The radio picks up a couple local stations and I get a scratchy distorted sound through the speakers.  It’s fine.  The local professional major league baseball team airs on one of the local channels that still works.

The season starts in a few weeks and runs to October.  Baseball on the radio.

Oh, and the heated seats still work.  Once they go I’m going car shopping otherwise Batter up.