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Not as Rain, or Haze or the Movie which has my title in it’s title. Before I get started can any of you followers, and welcome to the newer ones, can any of you tell me how I can change the font on the page or screen to something larger than teeny tiny?

Back to the matter at hand or at the top of the page. I was up early yesterday walking the dog somewhere around six am when part of the sky was still dark and the part of the sky in the east was growing light thanks to that lucky old sun coming up again right on schedule albeit a lot, I mean a lot lower in the sky. Being out about and active this early I was instantly reminded of the days I used to run the Philadelphia Marathon being up early and watching the sun come up over the statue of Billy Penn that sits on top of Philadelphia’s City Hall.

.The deep purple streaks slowly start to give was to magenta and then to lavender and then somehow the color orange appears. And here’s the obtuse connection. I immediately thought of the tune “Orange Colored Sky” which I had never heard before until I saw Lady Gaga sing it on the tv last week during really, her tribute to Tony Bennett. Back to wherever I was going before I got derailed and distracted.

Whilst I was in college a half century ago I took a class called ” English Romantic Poetry and Poets” because I can’t remember why but I signed up to read and learn about Shelly and Keats and John Donne. Mostly tragic fellas with star crossed lives and star crossed loves and star crossed endings. I think John Milton was in that brat pack too writing about Paradise Lost or Paradise or Lost in Space. Certainly not that Muhlenberg County kind of paradise.

One line from Donne stuck with me and it’s about those “Rosy streaked fingers of dawn.” Apparently walking around and gazing at the sunrise has been around for a couple of hundreds of years.

I just finished a book about WWII in the Pacific and near the end of the book where the author tells of the war finally being over he mentions how thrilled some of the men were to see a Pacific sunset while sailing east and home. These servicemen had flown into Tokyo for the surrender ceremonies having served stateside for the duration.

Being at sea was new thing experience for them. For the men who had been sailing up, down and across the Pacific for three years the majesty and grandeur of the sun show at dusk merely meant another day ticked off on the calendar. The show no longer heard any appeal for them. They only wanted to go home where they didn’t have to take orders anymore or worry about enemy submarines, bombs falling or kamikaze planes deliberately crashing into them and the ship they were on. Nope, they were done with all that.

Covering a lot of ground here aren’t we?

Back to my 6am stroll. This being the Christmas season many of the houses along my walk have been decorated with Christmas lights and I’m so happy we can say “Happy Holidays” again swell as ” Seasons Greetings.” Many of the lights had been left on all night and took on an especially magical look in the early dawn light or by the dawn’s early light if you will. It was in a word or two – pretty neat.

Wow, now I’m really lost from wherever my original train of thought was going. Let’s see, purple, Christmas, dogs. Nope, I got nothing so I’ll hit save, publish, throw in a few relevant tags and wait for the followers to react.