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Well hello from unsupported browser land where my internet stands on it’s own without any help from you Mr. And Mrs WordPress. It still seems to work just fine so I may sue you for lack of support. But that’s not why I’m here this evening.

I was with a couple of musical friends last week and over coffee one of us proclaimed that there was a real crisis a brewin’. Coffee -brewing. That one fell into my lap – hope you appreciate the humor.

The crisis is a shortage of half and half. I asked, which half were we short? Milk or cream because if you have enough milk you can always make cream but a surplus of cream doesn’t translate into more milk.

Suppose you had 3/4 milk and 1/4 cream then you would have not half and half but some sort of Frankenstein fractional freak of dairy nature and goodness we have enough freaks running around here as it is.

It seems to me that there is no shortage of politicians who are mostly the only ones spouting off about shortages of everything.

I was on an airplane a few weeks back and there is no shortage of people to fill seats as all my flights were booked solid from window to aisle front back and side to side with passengers. No one caused any trouble and I brought along my own roll of duct tape in case I misbehaved. I did not and the roll of tape remains untouched.

Shortages – eh? Maybe, just maybe we have too much of everything we really don’t need, can’t afford and really don’t want anyway.

Maybe we’re just plain spoiled and shortages, such as they might be are just symptoms of a larger issue which neither time nor space allow me to investigate at this time.

I have no shortage of words which is a good thing because at the present time they are still free and not manufactured in a far off land across the Pacific in factories manned by cheap labor and loaded onto freighters heading eastward to the Ports of Los Angeles and Seattle and the likes of others.

There is a dearth though of some words like common sense, reasonableness and caring for your neighbors. You can figure out who or whom I’m writing about.

So choose your words carefully and maybe save some for a rainy day before they are loaded and locked up on a container ship somewhere off the coast of California.