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The idea is not original. I read a book review by a woman and in her bio was the title of a book she had written called – My Life in Seven Dogs. I don’t recall the title of the book she reviewed either. So much for making mental notes. But I thought that’s great way to measure one’s life I suppose.

All of these ideas I’m about to drop came to me while I was running so if any blame gets attached to this missive it’s the fault of my being on my feet and on the road. More on the cats later.

For some reason I can’t fathom for the life of me the font size keeps defaulting to default every time I hit return here on my unsupported browser. WP keeps encouraging me to write but they keep making it damned inconvenient to get on a roll . And so as such I am not going correct all of the fonts this inconsiderate blockhead of a program keeps foisting on me.

My life in dogs or cats could be expanded to my life in cars, apartments, cities where I have lived, girlfriends, jobs, bands I was in, bands I listened to and so on. Maybe husbands if you were Liz Taylor or either the Gabor or Kardashian sisters.

The list of cars runs from VW’s to VW’s To VW’s to Hondas, to Hondas and then to a Subaru. Done, that was pretty easy. Let’s just cut to the Cats since they appear in the title.

Cat # 1 was a Siamese named Jane who was given to me in Connecticut during the Watergate hearings. She eventually ended up at my parent’s home where she charmed them and they adored her. It was a good match.

Fast forward a few years to Magnolia who was given to me by a friend and she immediately got pregnant. The cat not my friend. Being a rookie pet owner I was woefully ignorant of how to be a responsible pet owner. Maggie had a litter and I kept one naming her Carolina since James Taylor was very much in vogue and so was the song Carolina in My Mind.

Then I move, change cars and apartments maybe cities too and and I end up with pair of red and orange brothers I name Rags and Bobby. They end up at my parent’s home to I think. I don’t remember.

More cars, another city or two and I’m still with Carolina only now her named has changed to Boo as in Boo Radley. We’re living on a farm and one day she goes out and never comes back. She did not like my girlfriend at the time. I should have taken the cat’s sage and feline advice. Then Mo comes into my life followed by Rags.

Mo dissappears after a couple of years and Rags gets leukemia.

Maybeline arrives and is still here some 14 years later. Milkdud joins the family and we have a been blessed with a great cat, not that the others weren’t wonderful but Duddy was special. Sadly he passes away leading to an adoption of a stray we name Henry. I feed another stray I call Lucky and we find her a home and so here we are eight cats later or something. You can do the math.

Next in the series would be cars and apartments which I can group together into one post. I could also catalog my life in guitars as well.

The great correlating of all these items would where I was living when I had this cat, that job, dating whats her name, driving which car and what I was doing for a living at that particular time. That in toto would be called an autobiography, especially the VW and Honda chapters.

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This is so tiresome and it really tends to stifle creativity and imagination.

The cats were great friends and faithful companions. I was lucky to have them.