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What if…? And This Is a Great Big what If….

What if there was a book that had pictures and words with every thing you had ever done, seen, smelled, ate, every person you ever made laugh, cry, smile, hate you, love you, every song you ever heard or sang, every meal you ever ate, every good or bad or kind or despicable thought you ever had right from the exact time you were born and opened your eyes what if your exact baby brain thoughts were recorded and what were they and where did they go and what did you do with them if you ever did anything with them and what thoughts and emotions did you have before you had words to express yourself and when did you decide this or that was for me and I don’t like this or that or you or yourself even and why did you fall for someone you still can’t get over and why did you make that one, make that two, make that three big mistakes where you did this or that and it turned out be the wrong thing to do or say yet again and what if you were sorry and you had broken more things that you could ever begin to fix and what if I’m sorry was all you had to offer and it wasn’t enough ?

What if – Huh?