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Something hits me and boom I write it down on a scrap of paper and stick it in my pocket. After about a week of stuffing scraps of paper in my pocket I might or might not depending my mood decide to add some flesh to those one or two word ideas and zap them right into my laptop and this electronic page.

I might be sitting at a traffic light and not on my phone like the guy in front of me, the guy behind me, the guy in the car to my left and maybe the guy in the Audi two cars back.

Geez – No one has an attention span to pay attention to their surroundings for 45 seconds while they sit at the corner of Lemon and Lime waiting for the light to change.

Minds have to always be busy, always engaged and always never in neutral. Some minds anyway.

I know someone who plops a laptop on his or her lap, turns on the tv and engages the caption mode and then opens a third device in the manner of a phone so there are three mind distracting distractions all going on at the same time.

I read the newspaper one page at a time with my only distraction being a cup of coffee and maybe a clif bar or a bagel. Bagels do not need wi-fi or bluetooth. In France they call wi-fi wee-fee.

Oh, yeah, back to ideas.

So, I’m at a red light and a thought hits me and I’ll write it down. The car radio is 98 percent busted so it only picks up stations that I’m pretty much within sight of. A song plays, strikes a chord ( heh heh) and I write down the title to remind myself to learn how to play it later like Sister Golden Hair Surprise.

It’s a pretty clever song that has no pretensions about being high art. You want a catchy tune? Bingo.

Ideas, they come and go.

Inspiration comes in many forms and colors and flavors and temperatures.