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And so here we are again with a full load of angst, weariness and fed upness which as we all know leads to some of my best work. Critics agree!

Regarding Facebook –

I don’t want to see pictures of the omelette you had at the creperie with the French sounding name otherwise how could you call yourself a creperie?

That also goes for the beef stew you made during lockdown because you

A – Re-discovered your love of cooking,

B – Found a recipe you thought you would make or

C – You decided to become adventurous in the kitchen.

No pictures of your enchiladas from Ted’s Taco Shack.

I don’t care what or where you eat.

Yes, your niece is cute. So is mine but you don’t see pictures of her on my page or wall do you? How can you have a wall on a page anyway?

I don’t care about your “Leave it To Beaver” memories or what was so great about growing up in the 60’s.

Please keep obscure British band references to yourself as no one really gets them anyway.

To Facebook, I’m talking to you – No more ads about guns, patriots, second amendment rights, Trump flags, mugs, T-shirts, hats, stuffed animals, bumper stickers, posters, shot glasses, holsters, ties, pen and pencil sets or lawn signs.

The election was over months ago. Joe won and what’s his name lost. Let’s move on shall we?

No more what would your name be if you added a zxy instead of the first three letters of your last name or any variation of what your name would be if it was the name of the last dessert you at minus the first name of your next door neighbor.

Don’t suggest anything for me based on my random and incoherent searches unless you can actually find my forst girlfriend form 8th grade.

I don’t want to join any groups that have to do with country music, balalaikas, Vintage Mustangs, The Detroit Tigers baseball team for 1968, knitting, gardening organically or not and no ads for comfortable shoes because I can’t even imagine how you came up with that one.

In short, if i see much more of the above it’s adios to FB and hello to no more social media seeing as it’s hardly become a force for any kind of social good.

You have been logged out.