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I suppose they do. I don’t know as I’m no canine shrink or dog whisperer but I think they do.

They have a limited grasp of the past and the future – who cares? Next meal? I gotta go out? Gotta remember to chase the cat. Seems like a pretty full life to me.

The motto of the dog world seems to be.”What, Me Worry?”

Unfortunately we and I mean specifically me don’t, can’t or won’t live in the moment to any substantial degree.

Everything seems to be too much sometimes.

I went to a celebration of life this morning. We used to call them funerals. You can call them anything you want but it’s a send off for someone you knew well, maybe a little or maybe not at all.

The morning wore me out even though it eventually ended with a Dixieland Band playing ” When the Saints…”

That left everyone smiling and temporarily forgetting why they were where they were and why they were there. That’s a pretty succinct sentence I think. Sometimes repetition works.

See ” Helplessly Hoping” by CSN and maybe Y. He was in and out of that band on a fairly regular basis as I recall. Whatever happened to him?

This is turning into a catch all post after an exhausting day.

These days I’m buying 2 – 3 sympathy cards at time. Saves time and multiple trips to the store. Besides, then I don’t have to handle several different cards and I buy the same card every time. Saves mental wear and tear on me.

I just sign my name. I can’t think of anything better to say than the card has already said and I can’t possibly put myself into the mindset of the person receiving the card.

When my uncle passed away I was the executor of his estate. Before he died he handed me his address/phone book and told me to call everyone after he died to tell them he was no longer among the living.

You can’t dodge that responsibility so I didn’t. I called everyone.

I received several wonderfully written memories of my uncle from people who truly were going to miss him.

I just feel my words are inadequate or menial or trite or useless.

I came home form the celebration and took a nap. Then I walked the dog.

She has the right idea about life.