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I got loads of post it notes and scraps of paper on my desk and in my jacket filled with short phrases, reminders, brilliant insights, examples of depressing realities and the otherwise written remnants of a confused and scattered mind.

I tend to ignore the reminders like pay the phone bill until I know I can write a check in the nick of time knowing payment will arrive just before the due date. Although with the latest Post Office struggles I may have to revise my Johnny come lately strategies. I am pleased though that I can remember to remember to write a note to remind myself of what it is or was I was supposed to remember. I think that’s the little victory in all of this for me. I remembered not to forget.

There is a series of commercials running on tv these days about a guy who is supposed to be a life coach and his mission is to keep people from turning into their parents. I personally see no problem with me turning into my parents. The spots are cute, funny and endearing but for the life of me I have no idea what they are selling. My apologies to the folks in marketing but you scored a big zero with me.

Sometimes I see me as my Dad as I and he, we, I suppose stare out a window at nothing in particular just happy to be standing tall with good posture and able to take long and clean deep breaths. He had trouble at the end of his life with breathing thanks to 50 or 60 years of cigarettes.

Window staring out of gives me the chance to disassociate from all the hell that is currently running amuck in the world. My kid lives in Austin, Texas. No heat, no water, watch the news. Let’s blame windmills.

Apparently three members of the electric oversight board of Texas live, wait for it, out of state as in not in Texas.

Back to the two of us, me and Dad. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be dialed in.

The news might just be a good thing to give up for Lent. Is giving up something for 46 days really supposed to make you a better person? Apparently 40 days is not the correct length for Lent as the Sundays in Lent when one is supposed to attend church don’t count as a day to be depriving yourself of anything and there are six Sundays in Lent meaning forty plus six equals forty six.

Any semblance to Ahab chasing Moby Dick for forty days or the forty days and nights of rain for poor old Noah are purely coincidental and at the same time intentional, I don’t know if Ahab or Noah took Sunday’s off.

Both were at sea so there’s that connection but other than that they seem to have been on their respective owns.

That’s it for this current edition notes and scraps of things to do, not to do, forget, not to forget and eventually write down into a form where other people can read them and make their own decisions as to the state of my and their own sanity.

As Groucho said, ” There ain’t no Sanity Claus.” Maybe it was Chico who said that.

You could look it up.