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There is an old adage that goes something like this:

If you ask a guitarist for change all he or she will be able to produce from their pocket is a guitar pick or two.

Coming up changeless I usually offer the person behind the counter two guitar picks sheepishly saying, well, I’m a guitar player and I never have any change only picks in my pocket.

Any other normal person will always have a couple of nickels or dimes on their person, at least that’s when we all carried cash in some former another.

Recently I purchased something somewhere ( hows that for being deliberately vague?) and the total price comes to let’s say Five dollars and twenty five cents.

I easily produce the Fiver but a trip to my pocket only produces a two guitar picks of the heavy variety. I always use heavies. Someone once told me to use the heaviest picks you can find and so I do. I like the way they feels and how they sound.

The longer you play the more attention you pay to detail.

I offer the picks knowing she’ll say no thanks and then I’ll have to fork over a paper dollar.

To my surprise she accepts the picks in lieu of a quarter saying she plays guitar too.

One time when the washing machine repairman cleaned out the filters and traps in the washer he found about three dollars in change and a dozen guitar picks.

Seems to be equal in value.