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I haven’t played mine in about a year. The band stopped rehearsing and besides there’s no place to play anyway.

Somehow through this dark mess of months stretching now into a year and for who knows how long I have picked it again because why not?

I have been playing and practicing a lot over the last year and I can hear my guitar voice building and starting to develop. I’ve been playing for 50 years so maybe it’s about time.

During the summer when I could sense my ears were getting better I was stopped dead in this thought and it makes sense given all that we’ve endured.

Here goes…

Ok, so I’m getting better, I can hear the improvement. But for who, for what? There’s no place to play anyway. Zoom doesn’t cut it and the cats don’t care.

I’ve been dragging this feeling around for months. It’s a hopeless state of mind which might only be the tip of my iceberg. Maybe these days it’s normal to feel like crap.

But I keep on playing even mindlessly strumming a chord until it connects to a neuron somewhere in my brain with music and soon a sogng appears. I’ve been listening to music since I don’t know when so there’s a lot stored up there.

Maybe mindlessly is an unfair characterization since that chord, those notes found a home somewhere in my head. How can this be?

Usually, when I post something I state an issue or a problem and by the end of the page I’ve worked out some sort of resolution. But not tonight.

This is going to be a continuing effort I think.