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Hi folks, 2020 here and as most if not all of you are ready to shove me to the curb, into a dumpster and off a cliff I have few words to say.

None of the mess you’re in this year is my fault.

For example…Hurricanes are larger and more destructive. No kidding.

Everyone has known the climate is changing for years but no one really seems to be interested in taking actions that would cost money to begin to fix the problem. And by no one I mean a select group of old white men in Washington DC.

Wildfires, droughts, floods, tornadoes -See above. The changing weather is not news to anyone.

The virus.

You could have worn masks. You could have stayed away from motorcycles rallies in South Dakota and campaign rallies both indoors and outdoors.

You could have stayed home at Thanksgiving but you didn’t.

You could stay home for Christmas but you won’t.

You and I’m speaking to politicians now who called the virus a hoax every day since January and now you want the vaccine to protect you from the hoax.

Nice way to cut into line just because you work in Washington.

Let the old people die first except when they are friends of the president and then they get special antibody treatment.

When was the last time a helicopter whisked you from your front door to a private floor at Walter Reed Hospital with your own cadre of doctors?

Am I angry? You bet. That fool on the hill can’t be gone too soon.

Remember, the virus would magically disappear in April when the weather got warm.

My only hope is that he disappears one minute after 12 noon on January 20th, 2021.