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It’s come to this I suppose.

( That was the first title to this piece until I decided the three Funs made a superior lead in). What does anyone think?

Barely after 5:30 pm here on the east coast mid south central Pennsylvania Middle Atlantic States region just off the DelMarva region somewhere above the Mason Dixon line smack in the middle of Amish country.

Barely after 5:30 in the evening and it looks and feels like midnight. Solid dark. This is not good for my mental health and or outlook.

We have another month of days growing shorter, well, days with lessening daylight or and or sunshine before we jump on that great orbital axis tilting planet earth wheel to start begging the sun for more of itself.

Maybe if we all lean left or start jumping up and down we can accelerate the shift.

Naw, that would be screwing with the natural order things and we all know how well we’ve done in the climate department.

Meanwhile, it’s fire season once again in Australia. We used to have four seasons, now we can add fire to that too I suppose. Hurricane season anyone?

I am inventing and conniving new strategies to cope with the lack of natural sunlight.

These days there’s no chance of Icarus flying too close to the sun from these parts.

I’ve loaded up my car with music from those Beach Boys. Any port in a storm I suppose. Fun, fun, fun.

My car’s radio has been been on the fritz for a couple of years only pretty much picking up a radio station if I am the parking lot where the station’s transmitter resides. That cuts down a lot on my AM/FM options.

The radio waves that I do pick up consist mainly of NPR – Happy news times all around, the local Philadelphia Phillies AM station, the local Philadelphia Eagles FM station and the local sports jerks shouting match station.

All three of the main dashboard radio options mostly make me want to drive into a ditch as the Public Radio news is never good these days, the Phillies were awful and the Eagles are terrible.

At least my friends on the western end of the state can tune in those undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers for entertainment and distraction once a week for about three hours until their season inevitably goes south or maybe not.

Ya do what ya can.