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This post is inspired in part by Jackie B’s writings about Remembrance Day in England.

I visited Paris during the summer of 2014. While I was there the 70th anniversary of the liberation Paris was approaching as well as the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WWl.

The sense of history surrounding me was overwhelming as I thought I may be walking down on same street that my father did after the war. He served as an infantryman in a rifle company in Italy, France and Austria,

I have some of his souvenir postcards from Paris as he was probably on his way home.

There were exhibits everywhere. I recall one particular photograph of a square in Paris which featured a huge statue of a lion with about a dozen people climbing on it who were celebrating the liberation.

I walked passed that exact spot some 70 years later. I was there, they were there, my Dad might have been there. Maybe you know where it is located.

Hard not be awed.

And here we have bases named after confederate generals. That doesn’t seem to be right so many levels.