403 so far to be exact.

Back in May just before Memorial Day I read an article in RW magazine online suggesting folks start an everyday running streak. The streak would run from Memorial Day to the Fourth of July for a total of 41 days.

I was intrigued because I had never considered doing anything like that and besides it was the summer of 2020 where all hell was breaking loose and nothing was going right.

Normally I have been a run every other day guy and that has served me well in the 50 plus years I’ve been a runner. Yes, I know, another Boomer extolling the virtues of running. So what?

I just kept running. The years piled up by themselves, something I had and currently have no control over.

Off we go, one day, then two then three then four and while the mileage was modest, no more than three miles a day the expected aches and pains never surfaced.

Soon it’s ten, then twenty and with the Fourth in sight I hit forty days and push past America’s birthday to fifty days. I take a day off and get back on the horse.

The miles pile up as my runs go from threes to fours to fives and I’m amazingly not showing any signs of overtraining or injuries.

Yesterday I joined the Four Hundred Miles Club for the summer which although by the calendar it ended weeks ago was still moderate in the temperature department to allow runs in tank tops and shorts.

Today it’s chilly and rainy and I’m fresh off an NFL afternoon couch nap.

I’ll have to dig out my transitional weather running gear.

I’ve run races in November and December and January where the weather was much worse than this afternoon.

It’s getting one’s behind out the door when it’s cold that is the issue.

The summer is officially over in terms of temperature. It’s full on Fall now.

All hell continues to break loose and still nothing is going right.

Running and running and running might get me through this.