I did it last week, filled out my ballot and dropped it off at the county office. they were not handing out ” I Voted” stickers as I’m quite sure my county commissioners were all that happy I chose to exercise my right.

Besides, stickers cost money and we can’t have all these people walking around downtown proudly bragging they voted because then more people will want stickers but they will have to vote first and the if enough people vote a certain somebody might not have a job come January 20, 2021.

In 1980 in the little village, hamlet of Rothsville, PA I voted in person at the local Fire Hall and I marked my preference for president and vice president with an x on a piece of paper that was my ballot.

I dropped it into the box for voted ballots.

For some reason, unknown to me, the thousand of ballots already safely sealed in the vault at the county government center can’t be opened or counted until 7am on Election Day meaning the total tally will not come rolling in by 9pm.

It will arrive – who knows when. I’ll stay up to find out.

Four years ago as the results came pouring in I gave up, went towed and hoped that I was already asleep and dreaming a bad dream and that when I woke up tomorrow the person who was being declared the winner was actually the loser.

I’m still trying to wake up from that bad dream.

He’s worse than we thought he could be.