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Yesterday was cool and cloudy and pretty much right in line with what the weather is supposed to be in the middle of October.

When I looked out my window and saw the grey sky I thought well, let’s just deal with this and get on with it.

But then a thought hit me and probably because the last 7 months have been hell I decided to go with the day and embrace it.

Summer is long gone and sometimes I wonder if it was ever here.

Fall is a transition season, really, all the seasons are transitions but summer seems to be the one where the world stays the same from late June until late August. Warm and sunny most everyday.

Autumn is a season on the move. We know, we can sense when it starts and we’ll know in our bones when it’s over and winter has arrived.

By the end of fall when winter is a knock, knock, knocking on our door we’ll feel as though we’re staring into a 6 month abyss of abysmal something or other. I couldn’t find a word that would tie into the abyss/abysmal theme.

Winter lands and stays put until spring training opens in Florida and Arizona for the national pastime. That’s when hope springs eternal. It does not spring eternal on December 1st.

In embracing cloudy days I’m getting ready to welcome the end of fall and invite winter in since it’s going arrive whether we like it or not.

Maybe acceptance is the nugget I’m going for in this stream of electronic words.seasons