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Hi all, 2020 here and I’m going set the record straight.

Look. I was just in the queue of years waiting my turn patiently I might add when the you know what hit the you know what and everyone started blaming it on me.

Viruses, hurricanes, droughts, wildfires, politicians and on and on.

I am an innocent bystander.

You could have stopped or slowed the virus but what did you do? You played games with the truth saying was no worse than the flu. You had time to get restrictions and testing onto place and what did you do?

Somehow you thought impeaching your governor was going to make things better. Guess what.

You’ve had years upon years of warning about the climate. Is it my fault the oceans are warmer and the droughts are longer and the rains when they come amount to a years worth in some places and it lands in 36 hours? Don’t hang that one on me.

My point is this – I showed up on time and I’ll be gone in two and half months. 2021 is sitting in the wings in horror and terrified of how you’ll treat him or her or it.

We’re innocent bystanders to the mess you’ve made.

So really, get your acts together and stop blaming someone else.