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This might fall into the rage writing category or at the very least the ” Old Man Yells at Cloud” school of thinking.

In any case kudos to the person who invented the term ” Doom Scrolling.” There aren’t enough kitten and puppy videos being produced lately so let’s get on it shall we?

I spent a good deal of the late, lamented and too soon gone summer on my front porch either, A – Playing my guitar, B – Reading a book or the local newspaper, C – Listening to the local nine on the radio play the national pastime or any combination of A or B and or C.

Which bring us, me and you dear reader to the point of the title of this piece.

You don’t see the word phone anywhere in my porch activities. But what I did notice was all manner of dog walkers, stroller pushers and even bicycle riders furiously engaged with their cellular telephones while riding or walking or jogging or pushing strollers.

One phone dog walker person deserves special mention.

She would walk right past my house and me with her daughter who was holding the leash of their dog, The kid had the dog and the Mom had the phone.

Mom never looked up while walking spending all her time not relating to her kid or the dog.

As one who has kids that are grown and gone I wanted to send her a wake up call and tell her that she’ll never have the summer of 2020, good or bad, with her daughter again.

It’s over, gone, deleted like that last text.

There are things and times you can’t get back.

See if you can spot the problem here:

Man riding bike – No helmet.

Man riding bike, no helmet with dog on leash.

Man riding bike no helmet with two dogs on leashes.

Man riding bike with no helmet, two dogs on leashes in traffic.

Man riding bike with no helmet, two dogs, in traffic and texting.

See title above.