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I caught a repeat or encore as they like to say episode of The Price is Right yesterday.

It must have been a repeat since no one seems to be successfully suing the Governor to get game shows back on the air with live audiences.

There was fellow who had won whatever prize he really didn’t need by correctly guessing ( without going over) the price of a pair of jet skis or a pool table or a full assortment of garden tool including a riding mower.

He was playing something called “The Grocery Game” where he needed to guess correctly whether the price of a certain grocery store item was higher or lower than X. I think that was the premise anyway.

The guy is just demolishing the game, every word out of his mouth is a winner and just before the final question the host, a Mr. D. Carey of Cleveland, Ohio asks the guy what he does for a living.

He says, and I am not making this up…

He says -” I’m in the Grocery business” and proceeds to knock the only thing standing between him and 10 grand out of the park.

Better than being in the wrong place at the right time or the right place at the wrong time or the wrong place at the wrong time.