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I have to admit that although I might not readily accept it running all summer has finally jogged (no pun untended) the creative side of my brain, namely the side where I think of words, assemble them into sentences and put them on paper or whatever this page is called in the E world.

Today’s thoughts come to you courtesy of a 5 miler last week where I came up with the following while trying to escape the current hell cesspool we find ourselves inhabiting.

It seems to me these emoji things are taking over our written language as people instead of assembling cogent thoughts merely poke a little yellow smiling or crying face and send it as a reply or a reaction to whatever it is to which I’m currently complaining or commenting.

Cave people drew pictures of antelopes because they didn’t have words and once they got language they stopped communicating with pictures.

Hieroglyphics were fine in their time but their time and the Pharaohs passed.

I don’t think I need to overstate my point with an illustration and I am resisting the urge to add a little picture that might make sense these days but I couldn’t find a picture of hell and a cesspool that would fit.