No, not as in a football fan’s homemade sign – A large letter D and a picket fence made out of cardboard.

Years ago and there still may be something out there called ” Defensive Driving” in which you not only drove your car but were extra vigilant in looking out for dangerous drivers on the roads all around you.

Maybe it still is a thing. I don’t know. I think I have taken it one step further now with “Defensive Living.” And it concerns Covid 19 and people not wearing masks.

I was in my local supermarket yesterday and as I approached the milk refrigerator there was a customer, a woman who was not masked and so seeing this I stayed off her port bow by about thirty feet until she left the area.

Fully expecting a dust up at some point with her I decided my reply to any argument or accusation would be this:

” I’m wearing a mask because I care about me. Not you.”

Not very charitable I know but in the early days of this hell when we started wearing masks it was all about my mask protects you and yours protects me.

Clearly, appealing people’s better angels and altruistic tendencies didn’t work so now I’m only in it for me. It’s a fact that wearing mask protects me to some extent certainly more than if I did not wear one.

If masks are so ineffective in prevent the spread of anything airborne I suggest that at your next surgery just tell the docs and OR techs they can go maskless. Might as well dispense with scrubbing up and gloves and even the sterile OR.

Just have your appendix out in the parking lot.