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Hmm…interesting title. What could this be all about?

Climate change, which is or isn’t real depending on whom you ask.

Mostly a small and select group of older white men who live in Washington DC say no while everyone else who can see lightning and hear thunder says yes.

A re-write of the tune? Not a chance since I have no plans to mess with perfection.

No, this is about running in September and it being dark by 7:30 in the evening. Mostly about September running.

Having been a runner since forever I have an inner sensibility about the sun and it’s ways and it’s seasons.

All spring the sun is low on the horizon climbing slowly every day and creating spring shadows through trees that are just starting to bud and leaf out.

In the summertime when the weather is fine you can sing that song and also run in as much shade as you can find. I often take the long way home just for shade.

And now, here we are with the sun loosing height on a daily basis and the noon sun that used to be directly overhead is now somewhere over there and not quite where it used to be.

The shadows are different too. They’re no longer overhead, it’s all sidelight. Shadows are longer and more diagonal.

Grass covered in morning dew stays wetter longer in the morning and your shoes and feet will get wet.

Puddles hang around longer.

There are early leaves starting to fall. Pretty soon the aroma of decomposing leaves will be an additional benefit to a fall run.

No more sun block – yeah!

And somehow due either to all the summer miles or the cooler temps you get faster and stronger.

You can tell you’ve run all summer as your times drop and your distances lengthen.

There’s no goal in mind, only satisfaction and the feeling that after five miles you say – Did I really go 5?

These days I get myself to 3 with no problems and pretty soon I’m pushing up against 4 and then I’ll just go for 5.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll due 6.