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I started a run streak on Memorial Day way back at end of May because of  a suggestion on the Runners’ World website that read – We sorta dare you to run every day from now to July 4th which works out 41 days.

So I did.  I mean, what else are ya gonna do when we’re in the mess we’re in?  I haven’t run two days in a row since forever.  I figured if I could get through days 2 and 3 that I could manage 41 straight.  I did and then a strange thing happened.

I absolutely needed to run every day as in 7 days a week as in those 41 days in a row.  I started with 2 milers and kept progressing up through 2 1/2 and 3 and 3 1/2 and even ran 5 on the Fourth.

Took one day off and I’m back at it so I’m something like 55 for 56.

It’s not so much that banging out three miles is easy anymore which it is, it’s that my brain, my mental health, my me needs to get out and run.

There’s one place I run where if you get deep enough into the woods all you hear is you breathing.  Try bottling that.

These days I’m grasping for ways to cope and 3 or so miles including the sweatting sun block afterglow is as important as huffing and puffing.  Today I took the woods route and after completing one loop went back again specifically to tame a hill because I needed it, the hill needed me and I had no good reason not to.

Hills are your friends, friends.  One time I was chatting with another runner during a Philadelphia Marathon and she was getting killed by the hills which in reality weren’t all that bad.  She said she was from Florida.  I asked how she trained for hills  and she told me she ran overpasses on the highway.  Man made hills.  You do what ya gotta do.

The streak continues.