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Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day.

I watched a documentary film last evening.  When it’s a documentary it’s called a film, not a movie.

It’s call “The Wrecking Crew” and it’s about the group of LA studio musicians who cranked out all the most beloved music of my teenage years.

In one scene, Barry ( Eve of Destruction) McGuire showed up with a tune he had written called ” California Dreamin” and in tow were his backup singers, Cass Elliott, Michelle Phillips, John Philips and Denny Doherty.

The producer gets one listen to those four and says we better let them record this one.

In other news that’s barely fit to print I watched a movie last night called ” Night Train To Munich.”  It’s a 1940 spy thriller.  This is how I’m spending my evenings.

Rex Harrison stars in the movie as some kind of undercover spy agent guy who speaks perfect German although all of the Germans in the movie speak perfect English too even while everyone is in Germany.  Paul Henreid who would later play Victor Laslo in Casablanca was cast as an SS officer.  He spoke perfect German/English/German too.

I can’t imagine what the national stress level was in England in 1940.  The movie filled a need for people desperate for any shred of good news.

I get it.