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I figure I’ll write the piece and then maybe a title will come to me or it won’t.  As they say in country music – ” It Don’t Matter.”

I think I just happened upon a title.

Along the lines of passing time these days I offer these observations:

I watched a replay of Super Bowl 31 or XXXl as the NFL likes to call it.  I have no idea when it occurred except that I probably, maybe, most likely watched it.  There were no leather helmets involved so it somewhere in te recent but maybe distant past.

I found the time waster to be fairly interesting as John Madden and Pat Summerall called the game.  Since it was x number of years ago there was serious lack of video and teevee bells and whistles in the replay department which I found refreshing.

Even better was how the game was edited down to three or maybe 2 hours leaving all of the in game commercials on the sidelines, if you will and whatever dreadful halftime show that actually took place never made it to air.

I remember when my kids were young and my Sunday afternoons were not free for football viewing I would tape the games, yes, tape the games, and then watch them at 11pm that same evening having embargoed myself from the final scores so I could be genuinely surprised that those New York Football Jets had actually won a game if they did.

I could watch a whole game in about 25 minutes fast forwarding past the pre game, kickoffs, replays, commercials, halftime show, commercials, replays, commercials and commercials and commercials.  Boom and done, Jets win, Jets lose and I go to bed.

But back to the matters at hand these days.   I have been consciously varying my schedule day to day in order to change things up.  Go to bed early, go to bed late, take a nap, don’t take a nap.

Then I read an article today somewhere cautioning me on how to avoid falling into the trap of going to bed early, going to bed late and so on.

I walk and run, I play guitar and piano and I have a love hate thing going with the NY Times crosswords.

Sometimes the puzzles are too cute for their own good.

Last night I did one where there was supposed to be a four letter word in one box although neither the puzzle nor the Times tells you this upfront.

The word was “Back” so a four letter answer became “Back Bay” or ” Pay Back or Get Back” and so on.

We do not appreciate extra cuteness around here these days so please leave your cleverness at the front door.

And as for the title, It Don’t Matter.

Next post – Part Two of It Don’t Matter.