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Following up on the previous post of almost the same name.

That replayed football game’s 4th quarter happens to coincide with a local station’s broadcast on their point 2 as in, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 etc…that I like.

Eight point two shows two episodes of The Monkees starting at 5pm on Sundays.  The fourth quarter of the replay games shares airtime with Los Monkees.

Watching the show again after 50 something years is hard to describe.  The boys were so young, who wasn’t?  The music was pretty good and it turns out they were talented performers in their own rights.

Mike Nesmith  already had written a hit or two, Peter Tork was in a couple of working bands, Davy Jones had performed in the West End and on Broadway and Mickey Dolenz had tv chops.

Some of the music holds up pretty well even after 50 years. Some of it doesn’t.

It’s the smirking asides from Nesmith and the boys that I see now for the first time.  I suspect they all knew how ridiculous the whole scene was and so they decided to be as ridiculous as they could be.

They were fine with management as long as they towed the line but once they realized they had power since they were the stars and  wanted to make their own music they were done, cooked, kaput.

I would toss in a Monkee tune here but you all know which ones are your favs and besides I’m tired of fighting “Skip Ads” on You Tube so you can “Skip Ads” yourself.

I’ve also had it it with ” You’re not signed in,” Start a free trial account” and ads right in the middle of whatever movie I’m watching.  Ads are your problem, not mine.

As far as going bed early, or late or even to at all it don’t matter as it’s always Groundhog Day but without Bill Murray or And McDowell or Ned Ryerson.

Honestly, we have it pretty good overall.

So you better get ready, they maybe coming your town.