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I don’t mean the like the ones on Jeopardy or the board game Scattergories.  I mean how we get separated into groups.

No matter what or when I’m always in one category or another and in multiple categories at the same time.

Man, husband, father, runner, musician. tax payer, non tax payer, voter, shopper, car buyer, student, union member and so on – all the hats we wear during the course of a day, a month, a year and our lifetimes.

Now I find myself in new category.

The current virus news cautions the elderly and those with underlying health conditions   that they are at high risk for complications from the corona virus.

My age – not what I consider elderly but news reports say anyone over 60 ought to be cautious so I get heaped in with them.

And what exactly are underlying health conditions?

Maybe the list is too long for a news broadcast so I asked my doctor if I have underlying health conditions.  He said yes.

The list is probably so long that anyone of us over 60 has at least one or more reasons to worry even though we continue to lead normal, somewhat healthy lives.  We think so anyway.

in addition to being a voter, tax payer and so on I’m now in another category wearing another hat.

Another hat.