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Or maybe dreaming of traveling through time.

I went way back last night into someone else’s life and the person was not at all alarmed that  I was there somewhere in the 1950’s as though people dropping in on you from wherever was a normal thing that happens everyday.

I recall feeling at ease and not at all upset I was somewhere I shouldn’t normally be.

Not only was in this person’s life in the 1950’s but also the 60’s and on up to the present time. We encountered a person who was angry and I managed to defuse the situation which at first looked dangerously close to having a fistfight break out.

I don’t know who the person was or how I knew him or her.  There’s alot about time travel that is fuzzy and undefined he said sating the obvious.  Whatever it was I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in weeks.

Was it because such a momentous and dramatic dream really drove me deep into a relaxing sleep?  Did my brain tell my sleeping self to buckle in and get ready for a good night?  Did something somewhere trigger that dream?

And what are the bigger implications of time traveling in a dream?  Am I going somewhere?  Is something big about to happen?