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And not the title song from the movie ” Summer of ’42.”

As in the seasons know exactly when to change or at least they used to not too long ago.

It’s August 1st, July has been swept aside as the pennant races heat up post trade deadline and summer has taken on a decidedly different feel.  We’re settled in with heat and humidity and gardens are no longer sprouting and vegetables aren’t emerging anymore.  Everything that you’re going to get from your work in the dirt is already here.

Switching gears as I often do this post was inspired by me being out on a run yesterday through a tree lined and leafy neighborhood.  The shade was great.  It’s mid-summer and some trees have started to take notice of the shorter daylight hours by shedding leaves and bark, notably the Sycamores which are swinging into their usual summer pattern of getting ready for eventual autumn.

There are bark fragments everywhere along the curb and as mentioned above the seasons do know when to change.

As a long time runner and cross country veteran I’m dialed into summer running which leads to September miles followed by October races and November marathons.

I’m the last person to step on the accelerator in hopes of giving summer the bum’s rush out the door but I’m also a realist – I know what’s coming.

Sometime later this month and on into September the streets will be filled with fall marathoners getting in their needed miles before they test themselves over 26.2.  For some runners it will be too little too late in terms of building up mileage but a couple of extra miles never hurt anyone.

The summer knows what’s up, knows what’s coming and knows September is inevitable.

So do the Sycamores.