Here’s the deal.

I live in a  modest house with a modest yard and a bumper crop of weeds.

For years upon years while I have lived here I have always savored October through May since the weeds were non-existent. In fact, when late September rolled around I gave up pulling weeds and let them have the run of the yard.  The growing season was over and the not growing season was hard upon us.

This year I have decided to be done as in done as in I ain’t pullin’ no more weeds anymore.

Here are the plusses – no watering, no mulching, we need all the oxygen we can get these days from green living and growing plants.

Also – Weeds are green, a pleasing color to be sure, some of them sport flowers and lovely names  – Queen Anne’s Lace anyone?  ( note to self – look her up).

One person’s weeds are another person’s greenery and ground cover.  And what makes it a weed anyway?  Are weeds inherently bad or evil?  Nope.

One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.