Robo calls.  All over the place anymore.

I got a call yesterday from the 212 area code which I know is New York City.  Hey, I’m from New York – maybe it’s someone I know.

I accept the call.  I say hello.

The voice on the other end starts speaking in Chinese.  Is the call from New York or China – I don’t know and I listen to the entire spiel hoping that at some point a smattering of english emerges but it never does.

I block the caller even though it probably is someone’s legit phone number belonging to a real person.  How do you say blocked in Chinese?

I read recently that these miserable people are now using your own number to call you on your phone.

The phone rings, it’s your number, it’s you but it can’t be you because why would you call yourself to threaten yourself with the IRS coming to take your house unless you send them Wal-Mart gift cards.

Is the Central bank now running on debit cards?  Well, yes it is but not on ones from major retailers.

Here’s the Jeopardy question of the day for that Mr. Smarty Pants on teevee.

Can you block your own number on your own phone?  And what are the ramifications?  What if everyone and I mean everyone blocked their own phone numbers?

Does China go out of business?  Does the Fed go belly up?  Does Wal-Mart make even more money selling stuff imported from China in spite of tariffs?

Oh wait, the phone is ringing… I’ll get back to ya.  If that really is you…