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I’m reading ” Catch -22″ again for, as the title suggests the third time.  Or maybe it’s the fourth time.  The first time was when I was in high school and I had to read it, second time was when my kid was in high and she had to read it.  Third time was sometime later and maybe this is really the fourth time.

The first time I didn’t get it, the second time it made sense and subsequent readings now horrify me.

I saw the movie sometime in the early 1970’s at Penn State during a visit.  It may have been the highlight of the weekend.

On page nine of this paperback version I stumbled upon the following line… ( no apologies to the author and I have not received permission to reprint this so don’t turn me in to the whoever literary police one turns someone in to for just passing along a great line and a slightly prescient one at that.)

Page nine – ” There was the educated Texan from Texas who looked like someone in Technicolor and felt, patriotically that people of means – decent folk – should be given more votes than drifters, whores, criminals, degenerates, atheists and indecent folk- people without means.”  End quote.

That’s page nine in the Simon and Schuster 2004 paperback edition.  You could look it up.

There are books and movies and songs we read, see and hear in our impressionable years that imprint on our minds, never leave you and sometimes come in handy somewhere down the dusty roads you take.  Catch – 22  has come in very handy many times

Even if this the third time or fourth time it remains Catch – 22 and it’s still the best Catch there is.

Any similarities between my own style of writing and Joseph Heller’s are strictly intentional.

Thank you  Mr. Heller.