The house was on north side of Whalley Avenue although I can’t recall if it was between Norton and Ellsworth or Norton and Carmel.  Whalley was and probably still is the main drag from out there to downtown.  I remember several liquor stores in the area.

It was a railroad apartment carved out on the first floor of what probably had been a grand mansion many years ago.  I have no idea what went on upstairs on the second floor or if that floor too was laid out railroad style.

There was a front porch that was always dark and seemed to be painted in flaking green paint.

From somewhere further back in the apartment “After the Goldrush” was playing and the music drifted out to the front room which was used as the living room.

The furniture was old.  The seat cushions had long ago given up any pretense of cushioning anything and blankets took the place of slipcovers.

She said she was a witch.  She was pretty sure she was though I did not ask for proof for fear that maybe she really was a witch.  Neil dreamed he saw the knights in armor coming saying something about a queen.

It was dark, depressing and disorienting.  The light in the room was like the artwork on that album, gray and black with an angry looking Neil staring off one way and an old woman  I never really noticed before directly behind him looking in the other direction.

I don’t remember why I was there.

It all made no sense.  I have been writing this story since 1974.