Yeah, I misspelled it on purpose but I will say that as we crawl into the new year I am happy for a couple of things:

The Happy Honda Days are over.  The Lexus December to Remember is but a memory.  Any and all car commercials with a Christmas/Holiday/Employee pricing/ Year End Event theme have finally vanished from the tube until next Halloween.

Adioski to Toyotathon.  And how can that be a thing anyway?

According to the commercial algorithm on my Pandora channel I am:

Bald and need the next generation of skin tightener for men.  I am either soon to be retired, retired, not retired or have no chance of ever retiring.  Pick one.

Note to self: When I become CEO of Verizon I will fire the geniuses in the marketing department thereby saving millions upon millions of dollars.

I’ll cut all our prices since we won’t have to support the bloated and self serving marketing boys and girls anymore.

Once word of mouth spreads about how inexpensive we are we’ll have more customers than we know what to do with.  We will be the only phone company left standing.