Obscure TV show reference but if you are a certain age you might get the point.

It’s another way of saying of a police dispatcher broadcasting ” Calling all Cars, Or Car 54 Where are You?”  Ok, so here we go:

Last evening I get a knock on my front door around 10pm from one of my local police officers asking if I had seen or heard anything on the street earlier around 7pm.  I say no- What’s up?

A car parked directly across the street from my house was stolen.  Eager to get a handle on an event like this in my neighborhood I ask the cop a couple of questions and he willingly obliges.

Me – What kind of car was it?

P.O. – A 2017 Subaru.

Me – ( Thinking this being 2017 albeit near the end of the real and model year that makes it a pretty new car)  I recall seeing the car and it is, well, was, a pretty nice ride.  Ouch is my reaction.

Me – How was it stolen, did someone break the window and jump it?  A broken window would have triggered an alarm.

The theft took place around 7, it was dark outside, almost 50 degrees but geez, there are still people up and about and outside walking dogs and such and also apparently checking car door handles to see if vehicles are unlocked which is what these two potential felons were doing.

Me again – Did they hot wire the car?  I guess, I don’t know anything about stealing cars or jumping them except way back when I used to own VW’s and if the car was parked facing downhill I could get in, release the e-brake, pop the clutch ( remember those things?) and roll away to start it up.

P.O. – No, the keys were in it. PS – That key ring most certainly includes house keys too.

Me – Thinking … Has the car owner never seen or heard of McGruff the crime dog?  Apparently not.  I quickly recap the event in my minds eye… Two guys walking down the street lifting car door handles checking to see if cars are unlocked probably looking for pocket change, maybe a cell phone or a backpack.  The hit the Subaru’s doors and the jackpot all at the same time.

What do you think? – Maybe 20 seconds to grab the door, find the keys, hop in, start it up and drive away?  Probably closer to 10 seconds I’d say.  Cars are pretty quiet these days, I’m sure the Subaru hummed and purred as it left the scene of the crime.

It’s a shame, someone is the victim of a pretty serious crime that is eminently preventable.  And someone else ruined the day and made someone’s life pretty miserable and complicated in a hurry.

Stay tuned for updates.