Spanning the globe…Here’s an old story that never made it to print:

On a walk a while back I happened upon a cat lazing on a lawn.  He, she, it was a friendly sort and I asked a neighbor sitting on a front porch if the cat belonged to her.

” Oh no,” was the reply.  ” The cat belongs to no one and to all of us.”

“The cat was adopted by a family that moved away recently and they couldn’t take her with them.  The cat was already a neighborhood favorite so a couple of the neighbors got together and here’s what we decided.”

” I feed the cat every day, she sleeps at my next door neighbor’s house and the people in the green house across the street take her to the vet. She seems to like the arrangement.”

A nice story with a happy ending.

The other night on the porch listening to the local nine on the box a friend and me were discussing our impending ” One day we ain’t gonna work no more” plans.

And my friend Bobby said, ” I think I deserve to just and stare at still water for as long as I want.”

I thought about that for a second and said, ” Me too.”