Regulars and keen eyed followers of this space may recall that I make my living as a Stagehand.

Those fellows and gals who unload the trucks, set up and run the shows of all your favorite rock and roll, country & western, pop, folk, rap, Broadway and so on shows.

There is one pretty simple rule that governs what we do and it’s this:photo.JPG  If it’s in the truck it goes on the stage.

If it’s on the stage it goes back on the truck.

Any questions?

So the next time you lay down good money to see Bruce or Willie or Beyonce or ( heaven Forbid) that Bieber kid, or anyone else in your favorite hockey arena, ballpark, theatre, concert venue or local bar please remember that you are supporting the arts and by the arts I mean me and my fellow Stagehands.

That also goes for monies given to the NEA.

The arts support a lot of people and not only those with paintbrushes, tu-tus, violins, guitars, Ludwig drum kits, paper and pencil, laptops, video cameras, print cameras, phone cameras, kettle drums, typewriters and scripts.

I’m Phil and I approve this message.