The weather around here lately has been downright insane.  It’s mild, it’s warm, it’s getting hot and I remind you it’s only late February.

And while the warmth is enjoyable it creates a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that something, somehow, somewhere just ain’t right here on the mothership but that’s not a surprise to most of us anymore.

The temps have been pleasant, people are tooling around town in their Volvos with windows rolled down, although when was the last time you actually rolled down a window?

Those car window crank jobs are gone and they aren’t coming back.  All hail the little electric window motors which are probably made overseas anyway.

I stopped into one of my favorite establishments on the way to work yesterday afternoon and what I found caused me to immediately doubt the future of the human race on this planet.  Reminder – it’s February, maybe low 70’s, bright sun, blue sky and…

And, and – The air conditioning is running in the joint!!!  February, second month of the year up here in the mid Atlantic region, 4 weeks to the official first day of spring and these guys are running the AC.

If 70 degrees drives us to initiate artificial cooling then I’ve lost faith in anyone’s ability to cope with a little discomfort.  What discomfort?  It’s 70 delightful degrees.

What would Teddy Roosevelt make of air conditioning on a fine, albeit early, spring day?

He would be appalled I tell you and probably agree with my concern for what’s left of common sense on the planet.

It’s a travesty I tell you.  A mockery, a sham. A shamockery.

People please come to your senses, learn how to not only suck it up but how to appreciate what a gift a 70 degree day in February is.

Thank you.  I feel better now.