For most of you in the great Northeast, the Metroplex, the Tri -State Area, the Metro Area, the Valley etc…the weather this week has been weird to the point where it’s gotten pretty spooky.

Today, this afternoon, we had serious thunderstorms roll in with dark clouds, high winds, driving rain and watches and warnings for tornadoes.

My phone was buzzing with texts about getting to shelter immediately which I did.  I checked online for my local tv weather news and clicked on a link for a radar map because I simply wanted to know when exactly that line of deep red and deep purple was going to be over my head.

I click the link.  The circle that indicates loading circles and circles and circles and then…Presto – I get a shampoo commercial before the map loads.  I have to sit through 30 seconds of why their shampoo is better for my hair than whatever cheap crap I use.  Precious seconds tick by.

Meanwhile the rain is rainin’, the storm is stormin’, the wind is windin’, my phone is buzzin’ and I’m stuck in limbo watching an attractive smiling woman wash her hair and I think that this would be an interesting last image to have in my brain if the worst should happen but certainly not my first choice.  As if you really do get a say in those matters, anyway…

Luckily, the worst didn’t occur and I hope nothing awful does as the storm and the shampoo commercials push further east.

You would think that someone at the station or web desk would have the good sense to suspend things that aren’t important when there are things that are important happening but no.

I’m off to my local super market to stock up on more cheap shampoo before the next storm hits.