That’s what the front end of my car is producing.

It’s a rumble that sounds like I’m driving down a train track hitting a wooden ties every 6 inches or so except there is no bumping, no jostling, no spilling of my coffee.

All sound but no fury.

Audio without video.

And just when I think, well fine and screw it, I’ll just dump the car at the dealership and ask what will you give me for this, what else you got I get smacked in the face by the thought of making car payments again and suddenly the price of a new front end, kingpin, ball joint whatever doesn’t seem so bad.

I’m no shade tree mechanic.  I used to be when I owned VDubs and the engine compartment was pretty plain and simple, when it was all laid out in front of me and there was an actual carburetor I could monkey with and adjust.  Fuel injection is nice but not nearly as satisfying.

I’m hoping the car and me can make it the six miles up the Pike to the dealer’s lot and service center.

In the meantime there she sits, parked at the dock ( curb) not quite seaworthy and not quite dead.

A car has too many achilles heels.