Postponed both games of the double header.  The tarp has been down all day.  Rain delay. Rain out theatre.

It’s obvious I need new windshield wipers.  Today it should be called a rainshield.

Auto-correct is questioning “rainshield.” It’s my new word.  I  made it up.  Perhaps “windshield” would have been questioned in 1911. And so would  the words Auto-correct if they existed back then too.  Back to weather.

Drizzle, downpour, pelting, misting, in buckets, like cats and dogs, sideways, we need it, we don’t need it, we always need it.

Play through it, run through it, game cancelled, late start, once the game starts it’s up to the umpires to call it.

Suits my mood.

Listening to Chet Baker all day.  You could look it up.