The management of the office building where my bank is located posted signs informing all occupants of a fire drill on Thursday at 2pm.

In the old days, like when I was elementary school, fire drills were not posted days in advance so one could plan for them. The fire bell rang and we all filed out of the building in neat and swiftly moving lines to a safe spot several hundred yards away from the school building which we all not so secretly hoped was really on fire.

I’m sure the administrators and teacher were all in on the ” randomness” of the fire drill but we kids were kept in the dark which, when you think of it, is pretty much how fire drills are supposed to work.

The bell rings and you leave the building because it actually may be on fire which brings me to the bank, the office building and the fire drill.

When I was in the bank yesterday, yes I visit my bank, endorse checks, write out deposit slips and actually talk to people, several tellers and me were discussing the upcoming planned evacuation set for 2 o’clock on Thursday.

The place is pretty much a ghost town these days anyway being populated mostly by customers with grey or gray or no hair but that’s another post for another day.

Only it seems that tellers are not eligible to exit the building when the fire drill actually happens.  They have to remain behind the counter  and man or woman their teller windows in case a customer comes into the bank during the fire drill.

Why anyone would actually walk into a building while it’s occupants are fleeing and running away from the building and bells are ringing is beyond me but I suppose anything is possible.

So the tellers have to stay which is a little like boarding a cruise ship and being told that you are not eligible to take part in the practice lifeboat drill because there are not enough life jackets to around or we’re short a couple of lifeboats and you are easily replaceable anyway.

Seems to me that management or what’s left of it at the branch should step up and show leadership and genuine concern for the tellers and stay in the building while the drill is happening.

I’ll let you know who left and who stayed the next time I visit the bank.  That is if it hasn’t burned down.