A few years ago I received a Garmin super duper looper watch as a gift.  I wore it on and off never really paying attention to the data it collected other than my pace and total mileage.

Recently I dug into the innards of the watch looking for whatever useless information I could find.

There was the usual mileage count but there also was a number that struck me dumb. Something I had never even considered in terms of running and being a runner.

The mileage was around 500 give or take.  I wear the watch infrequently when I run and certainly not during timed and measured races.  The number that amazed me was this.

It was total time.

Those 500 miles took almost 96 hours of my time.  That’s a couple of days worth of hours stacked end to end.  And that’s only the recorded time when I wore the watch.

How much time does anyone suppose I have directed towards running since I was , oh, say 16 years old some 50 years ago?

Time well spent.