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If you live in my time zone, the eastern quarter of the country you know today was a pretty warm day.  Warm as in people moaning about the heat and seeking any air conditioned refuge in sight.  So, yeah it was hot.

I’m standing on the corner of North Market and West Orange Streets.  Our fair town actually boasts a corner of Lemon and Lime. The location is not at all famous like that corner in Winslow, Arizona.

As I prepare to cross the street waiting for the light a car pulls up and proceeds to back into a parking space.  The car is a late model sedan – Is that still a relevant description or is it a throwback to ” Highway Patrol” or ” Dragnet?”

The driver deftly pulls up and whips his car into the spot.  I notice wisps of smoke wafting from the grille.  As the car stops a sudden steady drip of green liquid starts to pour from right under where I know the radiator sits.

I motion to the driver to turn off the engine and take look at the puddle of trouble forming on the asphalt under the engine compartment.

He turns off the ignition and comes out to look at the front of his car saying ” That’s just air conditioning condensation.”

I’m no car mechanic and I don’t play one on tv but I am not color blind neither and I can see the difference between greenish/yellow as in anti-freeze and clear as in water.

The thought bubble over the guy’s said reads ” Whoops.”  He thanks me, hops back into his late model coupe, fires up the engine and as he does a fresh quart of coolant gets deposited on the street and he zips out into traffic.  I figure he’s got maybe two blocks before his engine either stops, seizes, throws a rod, overheats and commits harikiri.

He’s doomed, the engine is doomed, the late model whatever it is is toast.

I don’t know why he chose to ignore the obvious but it looks to be a long walk home.

I think it was a Hyundai.