Summer was essentially and effectively over even though the forecast was calling for a couple of 90 degree days by the end of the week.  The calendar read the seventh which gave us two more weeks of calendar summer but with the college back in session the sad fact was that summer was indeed over.

The local coffee joint was slowly re-building it’s college clientele.  The seniors of course, were gone.

Graduated last Mothers’ Day and they were now doing whatever it was they were doing.  Working, not working, looking for work, not looking for work, in grad school, not in grad school or just wandering through their newfound lives.

The first years’ were still terrified to leave campus.  They were not like explorers of old who managed a leap of faith by sailing beyond the sight of land.

Nope, those kids sailed within sight of the campus because they were afraid there be dragons on West Lemon Street.

Some would make it all the way to West Chestnut Street and beyond but others would spend four years tethered to the Mothership before graduating and working, or not working or in graduate school or not in graduate school and so on.

In any case there would soon be nostalgia for the recently passed summer.  No one ever  displays a yearning ala Joni Mitchell for Winter or Fall or even Spring.  Nope.

We wait all year for summer because it reminds us of being carefree and twelve years old again when we weren’t working or not working, looking for work or not looking for work.

There would be plenty of time for that and for Dragons.